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We asked some people what their top ten links of the year were for 2006. This is what they said.

- Michael Bell-Smith & Cory Arcangel

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Best of Internet 2006 from David Moore and Nicholas Reville of The Participatory Culture Foundation :

Marisa Olsons' Links of The Year

2006's top ten links from Neil Freeman of fake is the new real :

TOP TEN 'N 2006 by Travis Hallenbeck:

Tom Moody - Best of the Internet Under 100 Kilobytes

(all images from's LiveJournal animated GIF scraper)

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Simon Carless' year in the internet:

Best of the Web '06 by Guthrie Lonergan

Best of the Internet 2006 by Hanne Mugaas and Cory Arcangel of kick_out_the_internet_jams

Michael Bell-Smith's Internet year:

2006's best links according to Brett O'Connor

Nick Barat's best of web 2006:

John Michael Boling's ten links 2006:

Ed Halter: The Year in Internet 2006:

Charles Broskoski's 2006:

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